Do you know the Namibian Hydrogeological Association?


The Namibian Hydrogeological Association is a non-profit organisation of groundwater professionals who aim to promote the study and science of hydrogeology; to serve, inform and advise the public in matters of groundwater development, use and protection.
For this purpose lectures, workshops, excursions or conferences are organised from time to time.
Persons interested in groundwater are encouraged to join the Association.
The association was established shortly after Independence (in 1990) to coordinate groundwater work in the private sector and maintain a high standard of conduct of its members. In cooperation with the Department of Water Affairs the Association determines the rates for consulting work.
In Namibia we are a small organisation comprising about 40 members: hydrogeologists from the private and governmental sector, geophysicists, GIS experts, drillers, in short the groundwater people.
Professionally we search for groundwater; we investigate and develop it; we monitor water quality and water levels; determine natural groundwater recharge; do artificial recharge; manage abstraction; investigate situations that are threatening groundwater and remedy pollution
On this web site you will find the names of consultants and are informed about their main activities and projects they have conducted.