Opening Ceremony

Prof Yongxin Xu – Introduction to 7th Conference of ChinAfrica

Session 1 – Reducing Risk of Water Supply

Dr Willi Struckmeier – A Glance on Africa’s Water Resources

Prof Dedi Liu – Statistics for Sampling Splitting for the Calibration and Validation of Hydrological Models

Prof Schichun Gao – Research on Ecological Operation of Reservoir Group Based on Water Resource Allocation – Shayin River Basin China

Session 2 – Management and Sustainable Utilisation of Water Resources

Dr Leilei Min – Groundwater recharge under irrigated agro-ecosystems in the North China Plain

Mr Andre Mostert, Mr Brain Matengu – Managed Aguifer Recharge of the Omdel Aquifer

Mr Andrew Johnstone – Determination of the Safe Yield of the Lower Kuiseb River Aquifers

Mr Gerard Jacobs – Construction of a Numerical Groundwater Flow Model for the Berg Aukas Aquifer

Mr Gys Burger – Water Savings Lessons in Context of Central Area of Namibia

Mr Johannes Sirunda – Optimization of material selection for underground water supply in Namibia.

Mr Ulrich Looser – The Global Runoff Data Centre (GRDC) Data Provider for Research on Sustaniable Water Management

Ms Ester Gustavo – The Influence of Groundwater Management Strategies on Groundwater Levels of Namibia Savannah Aquifers

Prof Jin Menggui – Problems and Counter Measures of Groundwater Utilization in an Arid Inland Basin

Prof Pienaar, Prof Amer, Prof Namour & Prof Breil – Tailor-Made Socio Economic Approaches for Integrated Water Management

Prof Yanjun Shen – Managing Groundwater sustainable use in the North China Plain

Mr James Sauramba – Management and Sustainable Utilisation of Water Resources

Session 3 – Transport and Diffusion of Water Pollutants

Dr Emmanuel Sakala – Groundwater vulnerability as a tool for policy and decision makers Case study of coalfields of South Africa

Dr Josefina Hamutoko – Water quality of shallow perched and deep regional aquifers in the Cuvelai –Etosha Basin

Dr Modreck Gomo – Emerging Contaminants (ECs) in water resources in Southern Africa

Dr Stephan Huettmann – Technologies for the in-situ purification of aquifers contaminated by nitrate, ammonium

Prof Jiang Yu – Study on runoff pollution of lead in lead-zinc mining area and its treatment effect

Prof Qiulan Zhang – The role of transients in ionic strength and interfacial tension in colloid remobilization in porous media

Session 4 – Exploration and Development of Groundwater Resources

Dr Roy Miller – Finding Groundwater in Hard Rock

Gregory Symons – Active & Passive Flow Meter Logging_Methodology Identify Water Bearing Lithologies & Quantify Yield

Mr Arnold Bittner – Tapping Alternative Resources in Times of Drought _Sustainability Study of the Windhoek North Aquifer

Mr Gregory Symons – Active and Passive Flow Meter Logging_a Methodology to Identify Water Bearing Lithologies and to Quantify Yield

Mr James Sauramba – Enhancing Water Security through Groundwater -SADC GMI

Prof Dessie Nedaw Habtemariam – Issues of Rural Water Supply FunctionalitySustainability in Ethiopia

Prof Yali Cui – Identification of groundwater flow pattern and hydrogeochemical evolution in a complex uplift structure

Session 5 – Impacts of Climate Change on Regional Drought and Flooding

Dr Rosemary Shikangalah – Precipitation variations and shifts over time Implication on Windhoek city water supply

Mr Zhixing Zhang – Causes of the Drying up of Jinci Spring and its Protection for Ecological Reflow

Prof Jianmei Luo – Evaluating Water Saving Effects due to Cropping System Optimization in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Plain

Prof Ren Guoyu – Tempo-spatial pattern of observed change in climate over Africa

Prof Xiang Fu – Reservoir operation considering downstream navigation Under Stagedischarge Curve Change in Dry Years

Prof Xiaomei Jin – Time-series analysis of evapotranspiration trends in semi-arid areas

Conference proceedings FINAL 24. JUL. 19